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We specialize in providing the most comprehensive Pool Kit Packages available on the market today. These are complete Pool Packages ranging from engineering plans, to approvals, supply, installation, finishing and landscaping. We can do it all and we save you money.

We assist home owners to manage their own pool construction. We let you choose what you want, what you do yourself and what you want another party or contractor to do for you. We believe You Own, You Choose, You Save.

SwimSmart Pools  was established in the 1980’s as a small family business. It has been run by our committed staff continuing to focus on superior products and services to you.

As a DIY specialist & consultant we are able to assist you with:

All of our pools are supplied with extensive guarantees.

We are the ONLY DIY Pool Company . . .

We are the only Pool company providing such an extensive range of services ensuring you receive the most affordable pool within the shortest period of time and with the least hassles.

Our Lower Price Service Guarantee

Our lower price service guarantee is typically thousands of dollars cheaper than other pool suppliers. Please see our Lower Price Service Guarantee for more details.

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Expert Advice and Onsite Assistance
All The Way

We will take you through each stage of the construction process ensuring you always have expert advice. We are only a phone call away and can be on site as required.

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