lower price service guarantee

SwimSmart Pools is pleased to be able to provide you with heavily discounted services for your DIY Pool Kit Packages or Owner Managed Constructed pools and spas.


Our lower price service  guarantee means (as far as we know) we are the cheapest pool supplier providing the most comprehensive range of services from concept to total completion. Our costs today on pool kit supply and installations are typically several thousand dollars cheaper than any other company or group of companies. However the total cost of any project is the responsibility of the person who owns the project and is dependent upon the owners personal choices of pool, pool surroundings and all other aspects of the project.

Thus given the numerous number of variables in pool design SwimSmart Pools provides a Lower Price Service (not an exclusive lowest price guarantee on every aspect of pool and spa construction). We do guarantee to be significantly below the market price.


Please contact us to obtain a free quotation. Ring 0415 386 733.